Tips to write your first book

Writing a book is a dream of many writers and even of non-writers.

All of us have many ideas in our mind that we want to share with the world. The book is a great medium for writers to express the opinions, views and thoughts.

Sadly, many writers feel intimidated by the word requirements of the book. The idea of writing hundreds of pages regarding few important thoughts in the head; is exhausting and spirit is breaking.

But believe me, it’s not that hard.

Book writing is very rewarding and uplifting experience. On the one hand it gives you a sense of accomplishment, and on the other hand, it gives your ego a good boost, every time someone talks about your book or introduces you as book writer. Book writing is definitely not like cheap essay writing that babies do for fun. But is something serious that requires deep analysis and long nights of hard work, rivers of blood and sweat to craft a unique representation of writer’s thoughts.

In the end when you look at your book cover and think “I wrote it, it’s mine.” This feeling is euphoric….!

A good book is not the one that just gets published.

Yes..yes.. I know getting a book published is also hard. But creating a buzz about the book is hardest. One of the biggest success for any book is that the audience feels ready to kill to get the copy of your book. Yes, it’s little too much for beginners to dream about. But you need to set bigger and higher goals for your book, so that you can land somewhere under the higher book club.

In this article, I will give you amazing tips that you can incorporate in your book writing habit. Believe me, these tips will change the pattern of your writing and this will be a good experience. So don’t stop here and keep reading. And you will definitely benefit from this article. Trust me it’s not one of those unrealistic articles that claim to make you an amazing writer in two weeks. Or the ones that start with a cheesy line of “Write a book that sells 1500, 000 copies in two days”. Such titles are wrong and extremely misleading that give false hope to readers and are often number one reason for failure and losing spirit in writing journey.

First thing first, if you are not an experienced writer or you an aspiring writer then, note that your first book will be a huge learning experience. So don’t write it for selling or to get popular, write it to learn, to experience a new domain of writing. Simply write for passion. Write to fall in love with the content of your book. Write for the spiritual reward that comes from it. If your goal is to be called writer just for the sake of pride and you are considering getting it written from ghost writer that you will found after searching on write my essay then know that this is not going to be nourishing and rewarding experience and most importantly it is completely unethical. So avoid it. And begin this journey of writing. I promise you that if you put effort into it, you can write a book.

Set Realistic goals

Writing a book of 5000 pages, in the first attempt is not a very realistic goal for most of the writers. Start with small word number. Select the number of the page you want to write. Then know what kind of book you want to write. If it is going to be a topic based, fiction or academic?

Knowing the genre of book is essential for writing a book and setting its goals. Never choose topic that you are not passionate about. Writing about topic, just because it’s famous, is not going to make your book a success. In book, writing trends don’t matter, only words matter. Yes, if you passionate about particular topic then write on it. Otherwise, avoid coping the genre.

For example, a writer named Steve Scott started writing stories in the form of short books of around twenty thousand to thirty thousand words around every three weeks but now this writer makes half million dollars in a year after writing his 55 books.

So don’t lose hope, slow and steady wins the race.

Plan your book

Planning a book is a fundamental step towards writing. Planning provides you with the outline and gives you clarity in the writing phase. You don’t have to follow the plan 100% but you can always alter it later, whenever necessary.

Write your topic sentence or main argument and then form your book around it.

Writing space

Everyone has different way of writing. Some like to change places while other like to write in same space. But there is no right and wrong way of choosing writing place. But ideally, it is advised to write in same place every day while writing a book. Writing on same place gives you sense of commitment and feeling of continuity.

Always choose place that is different from you daily activity place. Make this place special and separate. Make sure that no one disturbs you during your writing. Always follow your writing schedule let no one, disturbs you. Continuity is the key to finish your book.

Get early feedback

There is nothing horrible then rewriting a book or changing the content of it. Make sure that you have few trusted people in your loop that can proofread your work for you. These can your friends, family members or cousins. Take help if possible. This way you will be able to get feedback before completing the book. This will save you from huge trouble.

Finishing a book

Before starting a book, write some paragraphs of few pages that tell you end goal of your book. Like how you want your book to look like at the end.

After finishing your book proof read it again and again. Once you are satisfied, read the first expectation paragraph that you wrote for your book. Then compare what you have written to what you aimed for at the end. This will give you insight about the requirements that you have fulfilled and the requirements that you still need to incorporate in your book.

At the end

There is nothing wrong in taking inspiration from the other writers and their work. But make sure that you don’t copy there work.

Even if, if your book doesn’t get approved by the publisher keep writing! As no one ever has become a book writer in a single attempt or in one day.