Tips to nail your college essay

Writing an essay is tough, but when you are writing an essay for College admission, then you definitely feel more stressed as this is a matter of your future. On the one hand, college essays give students an opportunity beyond the scope of their grades to shine and create an impact on college administration. On the other hand, if written wrong, this type of essay can ruin your chance of getting admission.

First advice for students is to not asking others to write my essay for me on internet because college essays are supposed to be unique and representative of your personality. Now take a deep breath and change your perspective from “I am incapable of writing a college essay” to “I can write an impactful college essay if I work hard and apply all the tricks.” Know that it’s your attitude that will decide if you can write an essay or not.

Imagine a room, full of admission faculty sitting in a room, looking exhausted from all the applications that they have been reading from last three days. All these young people, who might be underpaid are bored and tired of all the similarly written essays on most unbearable topics that become part of every year's topic list. Lack of creativity, story and expression become the reason for all such essays to make a place in the bin.

Truth is that students often fail to create an impact in the essays, and they are more or less copy past essays that are taken from the internet. They are typical and boring. Few in hundreds make their readers fall in love with them. So write the essay that puts its reader in a state of amazement.

Topic Selection

Your commitment is important. Once you are committed to write an essay, put your all energy in finding the right topic. This first step is trickiest. Try to find a topic that you are passionate about. Think about what topic occupies the most space in your mind. What aspect of your life comes in your mind before sleeping and what comes first, when you wake up? Think about your struggles, problems, and how your personality reacts to important events in your life. List the factors that are the cause of your happiness and sorrow. Reflect on the events that have changed your life. Don’t get tempted by the ads that say professional essay writers for hire or other writing services. Students visit such sites in search of essay topics. Don’t rely on such services and reflect on your personality.

Answers to the above questions will open your mind to the possible ideas regarding topic selection.


In school, you must have written essays of various types that required you to persuade the reader regarding particular agenda or to take sides according to topic requirement, but in college essay, you are required to express your own thinking and the conflicts that you face in your emotions and mind about your personal situation. Conflict is another subject that you can pick, and then choose the topic about your personal conflicts. Such essays are usually easy and impactful.

Don’t explore the selected topic in terms of its all possible dimensions. These type of essays are small in length and much centered around the topic.


Yes, it’s your time to impress the admission officers so you must write about your achievements, show them that you are different and worthy of becoming part of their institution. But never brag about them.

Filling content with your praises will create the wrong impact on the reader. Writing about struggles and issues will give a personalized touch to the essay content. In fact, failures are an essayistic diamond. You add your personal experiences and life lessons in the content. Be honest in your stories and say the hardest and the deepest things you can.

Mistakes to Avoid in the essay.

Avoid repetition

If you are given an essay prompt to select for the essay, then always select the one that is closest to your heart and personality. Avoid the repetition of prompt. Often students think that repeating the prompt will add value to the essay and reader will think that student has paid serious attention to the topic. But in reality, it just makes content unappealing. For this, you need to learn about how to write a descriptive essay like a professional because this is not an easy task and you need to pay full attention on it for your success.

Don’t Copy hooks

Searching on best essay hooks for so and so topic… will give you numerous results. That you can take an idea from but never make a mistake of copying the hook in your essay.

Leave Quora and Webster out of it

You take definitions from these online resources and incorporate them directly into your essay. Number one reason for this is it will add length in your essay and will make your content look unappealing. As word limit is usually small adding definitions and explanations will occupy all place in the essay.

Don’t add epigraphs

In traditional essays, it is advised to use relevant quotes from famous personalities and writers but college essays are personalized essays, don’t waste your word limit with incorporating someone else’s thoughts and ideas. Express your own.

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Avoid present tense

In the present tense, you can tell stories but they don’t have the right drama and expression. This is the reason that many of the best writers use past tense in their books as it creates a sense of mystery and excitement in the content.

Avoid banging start

A college essay is not a comic book, so avoid using slang expressions. Like Ouch! Buzz! Whizz! Whoosh!

Adding such expressions with an exclamation mark is your call for trouble.

Avoid mistakes

Yes, this old school is the most valuable advice that you should incorporate in your essay. Don’t make the mistake of grammar, vocabulary, punctuations and articles in your essay. If you are writing in a million dollar essay in terms of content, but it has errors in it, then you are setting yourself for failure. Mediocre level content with no mistakes has better chances of impressing the admission officers than a great essay with mistakes.

Final tips

  • Use purpose specific vocabulary.
  • Avoid too much-simplified vocabulary.
  • Try adding a story in your essay.
  • Don’t be too controversial.
  • Proof read your essay.
  • Avoid using slangs.

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