Four Types of Essays

You might get an assignment from your teacher to write an essay. How would you write if you are not aware of the essay types and structures?

I will guide you through the different types of essays. However, if you conceive of yourself as a poor writer and your semester grades are depending upon the essay assignment then don’t risk your grades and pay for the essay.

Academic writing incorporates quite a lot of types of essays; however, the four major types of essay writing include the following:

  1. Expository Essay
  2. Persuasive Essay
  3. Argumentative Essay
  4. Analytical Essay

The anatomy of these types of essays will help you identify the type of essay you need to write on the given topic.

So, here is what each of the above types of essay has.

  1. 1. Expository Essay: If you are given a topic that reads out as ‘Explain the following or give an account of the following theme or idea, blah blah’ then it means you need to write an exposition. For writing an exposition, all you need is to follow some basic steps. Number one: carry out an investigation of the idea or theme or issue. Number two: Explain the idea systematically with proper and concise details. Number three: What is your view regarding the idea. Present your argument concerning the idea.
  2. 2. Persuasive Essay: Of the major types of academic writing, persuasive essay (sometimes termed as an argumentative essay) is the most difficult one to write. The best thing about the persuasive essay is that you present your take on the subject, defend it with logic, and convince the readers. The major problem that you may face while writing these types of essays is that instructions are limited. You need to have sound and perfect knowledge on the topic to prove your stance. Otherwise, there is no point of beating around the bush when you try to prove yourself.
  3. 3. Argumentative Essay: Argumentation is an art and if you want to master yourself in it then you have to learn this art. You can develop this skill through argumentative writing. While you write this type of essay, unlike a persuasive essay topics you will present your knowledge on both sides of the subject. For Instance, your teacher asks you to argument on ‘capitalism’ then you need to view the concept from every possible angle. Build your argument on the problem from all the possible aspects, either positive or negative. Make sure you support your argumentative with valid referencing in argumentative essay and give the reason why you think in a particular way concerning the topic.
  4. 4. Analytical Essay: Have you ever analyzed a situation, film, song or research paper? If yes, then you must have broken down the subject into its main components. Yes! That the bottom line of writing an analytical essay. you break the idea and examine it. In analytical writing, you make the decision about whether the goals of the topic are met or not. You give your personal response and form your own opinion regarding what you are analyzing. The key to writing an effective analytical essay is to sustain the reader's interest.

I hope all the 4 types of writing I have discussed here won’t let you wander in confusion, and will help in writing any of the four major essay types and structures.

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